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Blood belongs in your body. (In one way or another.) It doesn't belong in a tube. Nor does it belong in the medical equivalent of a ziplock bag.

I donated blood yesterday.

Horrifying, yes.

Shocking, definitely, given my fear of needles.
This is the down side of being a spontaneous person.
Deciding randomly on a road trip to Pennsylvania, good.
Deciding randomly to get blood drawn, bad.

You know those movies, when the character's like "NOOOO, ______! Don't be a hero!" when the other character is about to do something really heroically stupid?
Don't be a hero. LOL.

Why? Because I told myself, 'Hey, nothing's gonna happen. It's to save someone's life. Stop being scared, you'll be fine.'


Well, first of all, I get stuck with a total idiot. An asian guy, I think his name was Andrew. But then again, I could be wrong, considering HIS NAMETAG WAS ON UPSIDE DOWN.
He was horrifying.
The stuff of nightmares.
An old asian guy with a creepy smile and a limp and his nametag.... OH, THE HORROR!
He looked like a serial killer!
Okay, maybe I only think that because of my tendency for Japanese Horror Movies....

Anyway... Everything went fairly smoothly-- Well, except for the fact that he stuck the needly in my vein on the outside of my arm, rather than my good vein in the middle, but I didn't think anything of it-- until the end.

Towards the end, I was feeling fine but my blood had stopped flowing. So, the guy shoved the WHOLE NEEDLE into my arm. I was horrified, but fine. I didn't say anything...

A few minutes after that, it all went downhill.
All of a sudden, I started feeling lightheaded. I sort of felt... disoriented.
I mentioned it to "Andrew" but he didn't really do anything. The lightheadedness got progressively worse until all of a sudden I was on my back with my legs up and an ice pack under my head. My mom (NO idea where she came from, being as I had done this in school) was above me and some of my blood was on the floor (which happened when he pulled the needle out... idiot.)
I could see, but everything was dark and dim. People were talking at me but I couldn't hear, nor could I reply.

It was disgusting.

Every surface on my body ached... It really felt like I was dying.
At one point, I had actually started crying because it was so scary.

The first thing I can remember is my mom saying how proud she was of me, and the only thing I managed to say was, "I'm not doing that again..."

................................................... Maybe I WILL donate again. As long as I get someone who knows what they're doing. Not a crazy, serial killer limpy asian man with an upside down nametag.


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
My name is Panic.
I'm currently an art student with no life.
I write often. I like to think I write well.
Sometimes I like to do other things too.
OBSESSED with the Canadian TV show Lost Girl... And Tumblr.

Current Residence: Manville, New Jersey
Favourite genre of music: Rock... Mostly. And Techno. Industrial. Metal. You get it.
Favourite photographer: Worm Carnevale, Michelle Santomauro<3 and of course, Elizabeth May [Aurie] :D
Favourite style of art: Photography
MP3 player of choice: Ipod [which i do not own]
Favourite cartoon character: GIR!
Personal Quote: It's not who you ARE that holds you back, It's who you think you're NOT.

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